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We are located 
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1495 East St
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   1495 East St 
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   What is Dk's Place really about? 
DK's Place is all about having fun with your family---- you, your partner, your princess and your little man----- family. 

  In Woodland although there are plenty of children, there's not a place gear to them.  DK's place is for children, 
  DK's Place is a family owned restaurant,arcade, family party venue.

   DK's Place has the  largest arcade  in Woodland CA .

 Although that is true I would hope that you would bring the children because of the atmosphere. Where your child will be treated with respect and are safe.

  We know children grow so fast.

 Remember when you first held your child how long ago was that seems like yesterday. Remember when they broke that thing you use to love that was ages ago right. Well DK's Place wants to be in your child memory, ones they'll remember a life time. The great times.

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About us at Dk's place

Pizza Is Here at DK's Place

by albert alarcon on 02/10/12

New DK's Place

DK's Place has expanded now offering More games, More prizes and what could be the best pizza in town.DK's Place has hired Gregorio Oviedo to bring his experience to the kitchen, he has 12 year of kitchen experience, and we feel he has preformed well above what was expected. We only expected to have a good pizza but what we have may be the best. Sorry we don't deliver.Like the pizza or not it is one of a kind. 
So come down and try it for Yourself.


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Whats Going On With Dks Place

by albert alarcon on 04/06/11

Woo It's been real busy at DK's Place lately. We've been working on a new place 1495 East St we've had a lot of people complaining about the mall so we've decided to move. I really believe everyone will like the new spot and Dk's Place will be bigger and better with more games. I've put a picture on this blog of what my sign may look like. Hope everyone is as excited as us. There will also be pizza. 

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Why We Are Better

by albert alarcon on 11/29/10

Why we are better than Chuck E Cheese, Yeah I said it. Yesterday is one of the prime example why we are better.First, a man who comes often, brought his little sister and they had 2800 tickets now when you go to Chuck E Cheese if you got that many tickets you probably some thing you can get at the supermarket for 3 or 4 bucks a crown and wand or a cap gun or something like that. Well I can't remember exactly what they go but what I remember is 12 inch dolphin, plush a 12inch  tye baby, a Oakland A's plush, 6 inch lion, 14inch pink flamingo neon light, heart shape locket and probably 10 more things. They were so happy they played more and got a 14inch lava lamp for 800 ticket which would have got you a paddle ball at Chuck e Cheese. Now I know they are bigger but I can see why your spending 100s of dollars and getting a paddle ball and yo yo.But we are growing and will continue to grow one day we'll be bigger and better. Come see us soon  http://www.dksplace.com/


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Dk's Place lately

by albert alarcon on 11/24/10

If you hadn't been to Dk's Place lately you should come again we have a lot of new games. The party room is decorated nicely. There is a whole new feel there. Of course the mall is still the same but Dk's Place is new and improved.If you never been to Dk's Place its a lot of fun, games for everyone.The people are very nice me, my father and my wife.We know a lot of the people who come by name and they know us, its very friendly atmosphere. We also try to leave you alone if you don't want to talk.Of course I believe we are the best but I have been visiting the competition and they are getting better. But for friendly people we really are the best. See you soonhttp://www.dksplace.com/


New Games

by albert alarcon on 11/22/10

Dk's Place has 7 new games. Mostly ticket games but there is a new driving and another game for the young kids I've been debating on getting a kiddie ride but not sure if I should not sure if it fits in with the direction we are going but it might be. Please let me know what you think.These games make the party room better for you, more ticket games means more prizes for you and your kids. See you guys soon.

These Are The People In The Neighborhood

by albert alarcon on 11/11/10

This is a picture of the people who work at Dk's Place the guy with the funny shirt is me Albert Jr the lady with the glasses and the apron is my lovely wife of 20+ years Darla Kaye (DK) it's her place in the white shirt is here mom Carol, in the other picture is me and my father is Albert Sr. These are the people that make Dk's Place go. Truly a family Place.http://www.dksplace.com/

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Tickets and Prizes

by albert alarcon on 11/08/10

Often times people come to Dk's Place and play for a short time and get tickets usually around 12 tickets and start to leave without even looking at the prize counter.They are so use to going to Chuck E. Cheese and having to get 100 ticket to get a Hershey Kiss. I have to tell them "no wait, if you have 1 ticket you can get a prize at Dk's Place". People don't see that we are a place you visit often and don't need a few $100 dollars to have fun here.Chuck E Cheese is a big franchise that you may visit 3 or 4 times a year but we are a family place that you can come visit as often as you like. I would even venture to say we are even cheaper than going to the movies, if you buy popcorn and a soda that is. In reality where you just start to get a prize small prize at other places about 500 tickets or so, that is where our prizes start to end, we have no prizes above 2500 tickets, but we have great prizes though, lava lamps for 700 tickets Stop light 1500 tickets.6 foot spider-man 600 tickets, at the other places you might get a yo-yo for 700 tickets.So if you like having fun and winning prizes you need to come to Dk's Place.


What about Party this Weekend

by albert alarcon on 11/02/10

Here at Dk's Place family arcade we have a lot of parties. We've had women product parties, adult birthday parties, teenage dance parties, but most of all children parties.And why not, the price is the best at $30 for a party room rental or $175 worry-free party. How can you beat that! It's not just the price either where else can you go where you can leave a mess and they clean up after you, parties get pretty messy as you know.And what about child care where else can you let your kids run about while you enjoy the company of your friends and family, we all need a break sometimes, but while you are taking time for yourself your kids will be having fun at the arcade, they'll believe it was just for them. Lastly where else can you get so much for so little;Party Room Decorated for 3 hours 5 Ex Lg Pizzas Cheese or Pepperoni,  24 Sodas, 20 Ice Creams, $40 in quarters  DOUBLE the Redemption Tickets for the Kids at the Party and Loot Bags for all the children For up to 20 people ALL FOR  $ 175 Thats a lot for the money spent, with a built in child care,and with no cleaning why wouldn't you have your party here? See you soon.



The Haunted House on Halloween

by albert alarcon on 11/01/10

Wow the Haunted house on Halloween was great. There was plenty of screaming and running. Lots of surprises.A couple of folks wanted me to post a video of the haunted house but I won't wouldn't be fair to those who actually went. Now if you didn't make it this year, try again next year.If you didn't go, "let me tell you it was very scary" and was way better then what you might get at the fair or place like that. Of course we didn't have what Disney has (money) but ours was much scarier and smaller. If you did go you'll know that we worked hard and did a great job. 

Haunted House this Halloween

by albert alarcon on 10/29/10

Haven't wrote on my blog lately. Been really busy trying to get the laser tag together having a lot more trouble the I've expected.But hey business doesn't stop. Building a haunted house in the party room. Most of my readers know the we are a small family place so let me say " I believe this will be the best haunted house" for our size of course we not universal studio but you should be satisfied. Building a haunted house is going to be hard work but also really fun. I can't tell you what there going to be but it will be fun probably to scary for little kids but who really knows.If you like haunted houses you should come.The haunt house will be $0.25 a deal any where.Come visit Dk's Haunted house http://dksplace.com/


New Age

by albert alarcon on 07/26/10

When most of us were kids, we went to the arcade.It was where we met our friends before we went off to do what ever unspeakable things we did, Played 1 or 2 games of pinball or street fighter or something then we were off. There was no evil going on there, then times had change and bad people started to come and bully, selling drugs, bringing trouble to this once nice place and whats worse the people who own these places would let this go on by either having the place unattended or hiring people who had a lack of character maybe they themselves were also suspect.Then there was the new game systems at home, now games were better at home, game designers now built the best games to play at home and stopped building the best games for the arcade. Kids no longer had to leave the house to play the latest and greatest. Arcades slip more into the abyss.
Now in the new age of arcades. We need to be different then those old ideas of just buy a game and the kids will come.Dk's Place needs to be different. We need to be sure that all the guest all get along. We need to be sure that your kids are safe, not just from drugs, but also from people who shouldn't be there anyway. We need to make sure that we keep the kid game with kid games and not mix them with the scary games the teens like.We need to make sure our games don't hurt your children and keep an eye on where they stick their hands and keep the place clean. We need to get new prizes and make sure they are appropriate. And thats what we do at Dk's Place  we have the best, most child friendly staff in the whole world. Making Dk's Place the best place for your children, teens, or adult, just like the name says a family arcade. You can be sure that when your kids are in Dk's Place they are in a safe environment, you have enough to worry about with schools and police being cut you don't need to worry about where your kids play.


Being Able to be Versatile

by albert alarcon on 07/05/10

Here at Dk's Place we are able to do many things because the people who work there are all part of the ownership. Any decision made by anyone, within reason, can be preformed.So that is to say if you wanted to have a party and gotta a package that was $175 but felt that 5 pizza was to much and only wanted 4 and wanted a price break that could be done or didn't want a coke product that could be done or any number of things. Accommodation is the real difference. Dk's Place is where you can get what you want.It's not only the parties we also accommodate the people who want to have a game tournament, Although our prizes are small the fun is big. Lastly when was the last time you went to an arcade and someone showed you how to play or told you which games were best for tickets or which games were best for your kids.You know we are very interested in if you'er having fun. Where else are you going to get that. They don't even do that at Disneyland and thats the funnest place on earth.So if you want to come to a place where you get respect and the workers try to accommodate your needs and help you have fun, come to Dk's Place. 


The End of Another Promotion

by albert alarcon on 06/30/10

Here at Dk's Place we're always looking for new ways to bring people in to see us, we believe we work the hardest to bring you the most fun to Woodland.Well we just finish another giveaway.Not that many people showed up and it seemed that some folks got discourage just as they did last year.I'm not sure if giveaways are all  that great.I always believe that everyone likes free stuff.but when people get discouraged that is not that fun.But on the other side the people that did win they look pretty happy and thats worth more than I can say "I love my job" maybe I've gotta find a way to give out more prizes that people like at one time to have more winners so I can have more happy folks.You know here at Dk's Place we are like family, well me, dad, and Dk really are but I mean you are guest are like family and if people leave unhappy it doesn't make us feel good.We want our guest to have fun, sometimes even more than than they do.I would compare it to Xmas when your kid want the special something and when they got it it was the wrong color and there disappointed but not as much as you.That what it's like when people come and don't have fun here.So maybe another giveaway is not the best thing no losers no sad people but look at those smiles I just don't know.http://dksplace.com/


Now And Then

by albert alarcon on 06/25/10

In the first picture is what we looked like last year in the second picture is what we look like this year. 
 Right where DK is standing we have 3 driving games. Back then we had only the Skeeball and Basketball for ticket games, now we have a lot more.Now you can barely see the walls, back then we would tear the tickets by hand,we couldn't really do that now. I think some people miss the quaint setting, while others would like to have more.We at Dk's Place have made a commitment to Woodland and we honor that commitment to alway try our best and to give our guest, really our extended family, the respect they've shown us. Everyone in the mall thinks that we are growing, is do to how much money we make, surely that is not true we don't make any more than anyone else in the mall, we just commit ourselves to getting better.Even still we are still growing and next year we will have even more fun stuff for you and your family.Not sure what the bank are going to allow us to have but it will be great.www.dksplace.com

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The new and the old

by albert alarcon on 06/22/10

 Now thats summer's here I've been seeing a lot of the folks I haven't seen for a while. Its always good to see the people who help make Dk's Place what it is now. What I find is a lot of the folks who haven't been here for a while are happy to see us too. It's almost like family who you haven't seen in a while. I remmember when they were shy kids now they open up and smile. 

 Then we have the new people coming. That like making a new friend everday.Now to make the new kids smile I love my job. Everyone is different but we hope that you all have fun at Dk's Place

The Future

by albert alarcon on 06/18/10

 One of the rule of blogging is to show your 'expertize' Thats all fine and well but we are a newer business and although we try to be in touch with our guest. it's not so easy to know what you want from Dk's Place.The main problem is those who yell the loudest are the easiest to hear, but they also aren't always loyal. I've try to listen to all. I would like to know what your family wants.I've looked at all the places Chuck E Cheese, Scandia, Stars, John Amazing Pizza, And believe we are better we do have the better service.So my real question are those places better?   I am currently going to reinvest in Dk's Place and would like to know what your family wants I've been looking at laser tag, serving food, and indoor play areas but am weary of those who are yelling the loudest they don't really try to help my business.Every investment I make is costly and if I make a mistake, it will be a costly one.But if the families would tell me what they would like I could really bring it to Woodland.Is it Laser tag or A play area like Chuck  E Cheese?
 The other big question is should I stay in the County Fair Mall. Would your family go somewhere else in Woodland or Is it better to stay in the County Fair Mall, we do have a base there.I always hear people who visit our place say "I like your place" then soon after they'll say "there's nothing at this mall".Well Dk's Place is in the mall.I hear this at least 4 times every day on a slow day on a good day maybe 10 times.Is it time to move?
 I read ever comment made so everyone sounds the same, theres no yelling here.

The Greatest Job Ever

by albert alarcon on 06/15/10

My job is the greatest job ever, my job is to write these blogs, update the website, pass out the toys for the tickets, and do whatever I can to make the people happy.Writing the blog is pretty fun. I get to write what ever I want no matter what and it's always OK.I can always vent my feelings like I did in my blog about the malls direction.Updating the website is a little tougher because I don't have the freedom as with the blog but it's still kind of fun, I can get to be creative and no one ever says you didn't do it right (great). Passing out toys who doesn't like that, the only time its bad is when the kids what a TV for 2 tickets, but other than that it's really fun.  Making people happy now thats the best. I get to play with the kids, bend the rules when giving out toys, give away games sometimes, teach people how to play games, and make people laugh. It couldn't be any better I don't know why you would leave someplace like this but I know people do, I guess we get caught up on the why me's.I do love my job and I'd like to see you soon.

Party At Dks Place

by albert alarcon on 06/12/10

Party At Dks Place

 When you're looking for a place to have a party for your children we believe we are this best for your children especially if you live in Woodland Calif. Dk's Place has all the games kids want and most of the prizes they like. Though we are small we offer a whole lot more than any pizza parlor in town. We have a staff member to attend to you at your party and all the games pizza parlors don't have or don't even want to have because are business is fun and their business is pizza. If you were to leave town there are many bigger places. But are they better? honestly I would have to say sometimes, but thats on a good day for them. Periodically you will get a good host, if they have one and sometimes these places are clean and sometimes all the games work. And probably the best reason is the bragging rights your kids have "I had my party at _____'.  Dk's Place currently doesn't have the TV ads and we know the kid love that, later we will do the same but we are still growing. This is why we are better , we are very consistent, the staff is friendly, we keep the place clean, we try to keep our games working, we are very aware that you come there to have fun and our ticket prizes are way more reasonable then the big places and we double the tickets at the parties.This means you could really clean us out at a party.
 Our price cannot be beat by anyone $30 for a room rental or $175 for a worry free package which includes 
Party Room Decorated for 3 hours 
5 Ex Lg Pizzas Cheese or Pepperoni  
(3 big slices of pizza for 20 people) 
24 Sodas
20 Ice Creams 
$40 in quarters  
DOUBLE the Redemption Tickets for the Kids at the Party and 
Loot Bags for all the children 
Again $175 for 20 people

How to have more fun at Dk's Place with your children for less money.

by albert alarcon on 06/10/10

 You know I can't speak for other arcades only Dk's Place, but if you bring your child to to Dk's this is the best way to do it.First things first "play with your children" watching them play is good, playing with them is great.Everyone has more fun when they are with someone and if you're with your child, that someone is you. And besides that it's cost effective, like on the driving game the game gives a free game to the winner so if you let the young person win they get a free game you spent the same money for the 2 game the child has received but they had so much more fun and everyone knows memories are priceless and who doesn't remember beating dad in anything. Or if the kid wants to play a fighting game you should play with them.Most of those type of games are very difficult and there probably going to loose right away but if you play with them they can get another match and also learn the game somewhat from playing you. 

 Then theres the  $1.00 games we have 2 air hockey and DDR  people sometimes stay away because of the price but It could be money well spent because they take so long to play but be aware if you don't know how to play a game and don't read the direction a dollar is wasted but at Dk's Place someone is usually available to teach you how do play if you ask. And if you play air hockey watch your fingers nothing ruin a good time like smashed fingers but also if you play you child don't hit the puck soft that not exciting but rather hit it in the corner a lot of sound, a lot movement, a lot of fun. Now the dance machine DDR is pretty complicated for young children and unless they played it before I would recommend it but if the do play you may want to play that with them also because if one fails the game will still go on if one of you is doing well and besides that in my opinion it' the funnest  game we have.

 Now ticket games. Are you here to win the best prize or to play the best games.Because we have games that give a lot of tickets like Feeding Frenzy but it's probably not as fun as Skeeball. Next do we have a prize you're happy with? Take a look at the prizes and see what you like then play.Ask the person there what the best games for tickets are we're always ready to help.  

 So I guess basically play with the kids, have an idea how to play and ask the Dk's people for help. 

Albert Sr

by albert alarcon on 06/09/10

Dk's Place has a survey on it's main page www.dksplace.com of what your 
favorite thing to do at Dk's Place. Hands down the people every week for as long as I have had the survey has said 'Talking with Albert at the counter' more then playing anything.Why on earth would people want to talk with my father (misguided youth I guess he-he) Well he is a charismatic guy but not over powering.I guess he is wise and honorable but I think the main reason the kids like him so is because he show everyone respect. Albert speak English and stubbles though Spanish. He'll play games with the kids and teaches everyone how to play the games. Albert is a retired Ironworker who helps me when he can, usually works Tue-Sat.He was born in San Francisco has 4 sister and 4 brothers and is currently living in Woodland.
 Come and see what the big hoodoo about because I couldn't really tell you.