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2:30-9 PM
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11:30- 8PM

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next to County Fair Mall 

1495 East St
Woodland  CA 95776
530 406 0244

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   1495 East St 
   Woodland  CA 
   What is Dk's Place really about? 
DK's Place is all about having fun with your family---- you, your partner, your princess and your little man----- family. 

  In Woodland although there are plenty of children, there's not a place gear to them.  DK's place is for children, 
  DK's Place is a family owned restaurant,arcade, family party venue.

   DK's Place has the  largest arcade  in Woodland CA .

 Although that is true I would hope that you would bring the children because of the atmosphere. Where your child will be treated with respect and are safe.

  We know children grow so fast.

 Remember when you first held your child how long ago was that seems like yesterday. Remember when they broke that thing you use to love that was ages ago right. Well DK's Place wants to be in your child memory, ones they'll remember a life time. The great times.

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The Greatest Job Ever

by albert alarcon on 06/15/10

My job is the greatest job ever, my job is to write these blogs, update the website, pass out the toys for the tickets, and do whatever I can to make the people happy.Writing the blog is pretty fun. I get to write what ever I want no matter what and it's always OK.I can always vent my feelings like I did in my blog about the malls direction.Updating the website is a little tougher because I don't have the freedom as with the blog but it's still kind of fun, I can get to be creative and no one ever says you didn't do it right (great). Passing out toys who doesn't like that, the only time its bad is when the kids what a TV for 2 tickets, but other than that it's really fun.  Making people happy now thats the best. I get to play with the kids, bend the rules when giving out toys, give away games sometimes, teach people how to play games, and make people laugh. It couldn't be any better I don't know why you would leave someplace like this but I know people do, I guess we get caught up on the why me's.I do love my job and I'd like to see you soon.

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