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2:30- 8 PM 
2:30-9 PM
11:30 -9 PM
11:30- 8PM

We are located 
next to County Fair Mall 

1495 East St
Woodland  CA 95776
530 406 0244

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   1495 East St 
   Woodland  CA 
   What is Dk's Place really about? 
DK's Place is all about having fun with your family---- you, your partner, your princess and your little man----- family. 

  In Woodland although there are plenty of children, there's not a place gear to them.  DK's place is for children, 
  DK's Place is a family owned restaurant,arcade, family party venue.

   DK's Place has the  largest arcade  in Woodland CA .

 Although that is true I would hope that you would bring the children because of the atmosphere. Where your child will be treated with respect and are safe.

  We know children grow so fast.

 Remember when you first held your child how long ago was that seems like yesterday. Remember when they broke that thing you use to love that was ages ago right. Well DK's Place wants to be in your child memory, ones they'll remember a life time. The great times.

Mom and Pop Place
Picture Mom and Pop

These Are The People In The Neighborhood

by albert alarcon on 11/11/10

This is a picture of the people who work at Dk's Place the guy with the funny shirt is me Albert Jr the lady with the glasses and the apron is my lovely wife of 20+ years Darla Kaye (DK) it's her place in the white shirt is here mom Carol, in the other picture is me and my father is Albert Sr. These are the people that make Dk's Place go. Truly a family Place.

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