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2:30- 8 PM 
2:30-9 PM
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11:30- 8PM

We are located 
next to County Fair Mall 

1495 East St
Woodland  CA 95776
530 406 0244

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   1495 East St 
   Woodland  CA 
   What is Dk's Place really about? 
DK's Place is all about having fun with your family---- you, your partner, your princess and your little man----- family. 

  In Woodland although there are plenty of children, there's not a place gear to them.  DK's place is for children, 
  DK's Place is a family owned restaurant,arcade, family party venue.

   DK's Place has the  largest arcade  in Woodland CA .

 Although that is true I would hope that you would bring the children because of the atmosphere. Where your child will be treated with respect and are safe.

  We know children grow so fast.

 Remember when you first held your child how long ago was that seems like yesterday. Remember when they broke that thing you use to love that was ages ago right. Well DK's Place wants to be in your child memory, ones they'll remember a life time. The great times.

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About us at Dk's place

Schools out

by albert alarcon on 06/07/10

'Schools out for summer' now that schools out, I'll be looking forward to seeing everyone. We grew quite a bit from last summer. And if you haven't been here for a while you should come check us out. There's a lot going on we're having a free raffle every Monday. We're now offering family diner thanks to my friends at Master Pizza, and  we also offer a party package (it's a great deal). We've updated the website it's in Spanish and English www.dksplace.com. Now thats summer here we know that you'll be going to the lake, a lot of picnics and camping but when you need a break and air conditioning you can head on over. We have a better selection of prizes than last year and it's always growing. See you soon. 

Free Raffle

by albert alarcon on 06/06/10

 You know that Dk's Place is currently having a raffle. It's Free!!!! You only have to come get you ticket and then show up on Monday at 5:30. This is the second week and we'd like to see you.Last week we gave out over 200 raffle tickets but only about 20 people showed up.thats a  1 in 20 chance, those the best odds on a free raffle.  So anyway last weeks raffle was fun people laughing and smiling here a picture of last weeks winners. You know how I say 'I love my job' last week when this young man won he made a point, a serious point to tell me he never won anything in his life he only 6 at the most..Well doesn't that make you warm inside.I know you wish you had this much fun at your job.

 Oh yeah I'll also add a picture of this months prizes I think their getting better.Of course the monkey is already gone this week will be the lion

Another Game

by albert alarcon on 06/06/10

Capcom Vs. SNK 2: Mark Of The Millennium 2001 is the game I got, hoping the guys like it. Dk's Place really needs a new driving game but I got the fighting game because the guys (the fighting club) are loyal to  Dk's and we aim to pleases. When I rolled the game in Vic was waiting. Man I said it before And I'll say it again I love this job it's truly the best feeling to make people smile.  Dk's Place is geared to families and children but we cater to the older ones to. Yesterday we had a lot of older people come in they mostly played Air Hockey and DDR but they did leaving smiling (I love this job).
 We got another game before the summer break so theres something new for the guest. I'll try to keep new things coming. Also I'll try to put more picture in the blog. Next time maybe.



About Dk's Place

by albert alarcon on 06/04/10

We are an arcade in Woodland with a room for parties.Our business is a family business hoping to bring in families. In the business there is me Albert and my father whose name is also Albert but he usually goes by Al and my wife Darla who owns the business. We are trying to make this the most friendly place to be in Woodland. Me and my father were Ironworkers which is to say we build steel building Darla my wife (Dk) used to manage the arcade when it was Tilt 20+ year ago when the mall was more busy. We have seen a few people from that time.
 Now the arcade is small but we try to give everyone what they want and keep trouble away.We keep everything clean keep an eye on the children to keep them safe. We would like you to come in an see us, become friends on facebook or my space or see what we're about.  I realize no one comes to the mall anymore but come see us it will be fun.